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  • Breeder Bucks with Proven Pedigrees
    Breeder Bucks with Proven Pedigrees
    Location: Dubois, IN

    Three year old breeder bucks with major mass and width. Located in southern Indiana. Call for pricing.

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  • Five Clean Typical Shooter Bucks
    Five Clean Typical Shooter Bucks
    Location: Dubois, IN

    Typical shooter bucks ranging from 145" to 210". Pic 1 is deer 543 estimated 205" to 210". Pic 2 is deer 0051 estimated 150" to 155". Pic 3 is deer 0084 estimated 180" to 185". Pic 4 is ...

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  • Back Scratcher B-21 Semen
    Back Scratcher B-21 Semen
    Location: Dubois, IN

    Back Scratcher is a unique, beautiful buck with major mass out of Say it Ain't So Shadow. He is estimated to score 328" as a 3 yr old.

    $ 350.00 USD
  • Big Peter Semen
    Big Peter Semen
    Location: Dubois, IN

    A huge wide framed buck with major mass. A Shadow son on a Soaring Eagle doe with 5 times Patrick line. Big Peter scores 296" with 73" mass as a 4 yr old.

    $ 350.00 USD
  • Womanizer B-13 Semen
    Womanizer B-13 Semen
    Location: Dubois, IN

    B-13 is a 3 yr old heavy wide framed typical with extras. Scored 271" as a 2 yr old and 293" as a 3 yr old. He is a direct son of Energizer. He has been producing impressive yearlings. S ...

    $ 400.00 USD
  • XLT semen for sale
    XLT semen for sale
    Location: Guntersville, AL

    XLT is a two year old Maxbo XL son who is set to shatter whitetail records in Alabama. 273" @ 1. At an estimated 400" plus at two he was the largest whitetail ever in Alabama. He scored 5 ...

    $ 2,500.00 USD
    Location: Zumbro Falls, MN

    Pink 11 - This little girl is as good as it gets. She is out of a direct MAXBO XL daughter on a PA Geronimo/Herbie doe. When you look at BONE COLLECTOR XL's lineage you will see Green 18 a ...

    $ 7,500.00 USD
  • Shooter Bucks
    Shooter Bucks
    Location: Drumore, PA

    Will be looking to purchase shooter bucks about mid-August. Let's make a deal now. Contact me with pictures, scores, etc.

    Call for Pricing
  • Mule Deer Wanted
    Mule Deer Wanted
    Location: Drumore, PA

    I am looking to start a mule deer herd. Please contact me if you have any mule deer for sale.

    Call for Pricing
  • BILLY THE KID semen for sale
    BILLY THE KID semen for sale
    Location: Robinson, TX

    $3,000.00/straw. BILLY THE KID scored 311 4/8 as a yearling. Sired by Kid Rock he has Shadow, Maxbo and Woodard 727 on top and Maxbo 727, Maxbo and TR Ry Charles on bottom. Don't miss you ...

    $ 3,000.00 USD